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From time to time organisations face the need for a major change in the way they organise themselves. Smaller improvement steps are no longer sufficient and a broader approach is needed. At Voorne Partners we use the word "transformation" when change is necessary to different aspects and different levels at once. Cross functional, cross unit, cross process, etcetera.

A good example of such a change is our "Single Business Entity" solution. 

Voorne Partners provides valuable assistance to managing this change, from advice about the direction all the way to realisation. From our experience we know that most organisations are very well able to get the direction and the concept "right". Translating the concept to a design and realisation is not the core business of those running daily operations.

Our approach and way of working will help in managing the pitfalls of transformation projects:

  • Communication is essential to gain understanding and create support for everyone involved.
  • Involvement will create ownership and avoids crucial elements to be overlooked.
  • Clarity is a lot harder than you may think when translating a concept into a design, but it is a must have. Processes, roles and responsibilities, IT systems, data, legal and fiscal appearance: the broader the change, the more these aspects need to be detailed, otherwise you risk having your employees finding their way long after you have closed the project.
  • Integration probably is the hardest part for many organisations. People, Processes, Organisation, Tools and Data need to be balanced and aimed at the same goal. This has to be executed cross functional, cross entity. It is not about optimising the functional silo's, it is about a thorough understanding of the new cross functional design.
  • Planning and management, not just for the "hard" project changes, but also for the softer changes, usually referred to as change management. While change management sounds soft, it needs to be made very tangible, down to earth and simple.

Voorne Partners has the knowledge, experience and tools to help you with any of the above. We can add value to the effectiveness of the transformation and keep it on track and on budget.

Not intended to be exhaustive, some examples of support we've provided for our clients are: organisational restructuring of country HR; pre-divestment disentanglement; post acquisition carve-out and integration; worldwide integration of business operating model and a multitude of Single Business Entities or variants.

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