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With digitalization moving ahead unstoppably the question of how to prepare for the future is on the mind of many executives.

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Balancing stones

In talks with our customers about simplification of their business, a recurring subject is how to find the right balance between local responsiveness and central control. Organizations are challenged with changes in customer behavior, new technology and increased regulation. Changes which request central control to align activities and people. To maximize customer intimacy however, organizations need to have a local touch and feel.

So: "How to balance between the need for local responsiveness and central control?"


Do you recognise this?

Your internal service organisation has evolved over time, via integration of multiple service departments, organic growth, or other reasons. Nowadays it consists of multiple legal entities, each of them managing, delivering and invoicing services to their customers. Service portfolio, pricing and organisational responsibilities are a mix of global, regional and local agreements. Multiple IT systems are in use to support the different ways of working.

Although you deliver quality services, you have regular discussions with your customers about the transparency of your cost and the pricing of your services. However, the internal spaghetti you face makes it hard to benchmark prices and to provide the required transparency.

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The basic flows of an SBE

Do you recognise this?

Your company has evolved over time, via organic growth or M&A’s.  Nowadays it consists of numerous legal entities in different countries. Business processes, organisations and cultures are the mixed result of countries, jurisdictions and Business Units. And quite likely multiple IT systems are in use.

You need to be a regional or global player, but manage your customers and products as if you were a straightforward single company. However the internal spaghetti you face makes this hard to achieve. Voorne Partners can help you to unravel the spaghetti, create transparency and lower your cost.

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We are proud to announce a transformation at Voorne Partners.

Ownership and management have been taken over by the senior consultants. All of whom have been with the company for more than a decade. A decade of commitment to our clients, now emphasised by taking full ownership of Voorne Partner's legacy and values.

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