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Every one of our clients is unique and should we ever forget that we'll surely be reminded of it. But we do believe it and we act accordingly. Being unique though doesn't stop you from having a lot in common with others. This is where our solutions come in. Defined solutions for challenges that are not unique and with which we have extensive experience. The focus is on business operating models: "how have you set yourself up legally and fiscally and how are you organised internally to deliver the maximum impact externally".

Companies develop, over time, across markets, across regions etc., either organically or inorganically. Whatever the path, inefficiencies may slip in and default solutions from the past become todays inefficiencies. Our solutions are not one size fit all, each has to be tailored to your specific circumstances and needs. Each of our solutions works without physically re-locating offices or plants. Depending on the exact choice some key decision making staff may have to be relocated. In the next section you'll find a brief overview. If you don't find your match, get in touch, we may have some other useful ideas.

  • Single Business Entity (SBE®): For companies operating through several legal entities in different countries, the single business entity may be the most efficient set-up. It combines all commercial processes and values administratively into one legal entity and allows you to act as if you are a virtual borderless company. Internal complexity is reduced to a bare minimum and everything is geared towards external focus. The SBE's has it's legal and fiscal consequences but there are several solutions to tailor these consequences. Read more about this solution.
  • Supply Chain SBE® (SC SBE): This is a major variant on the SBE theme, either as a stepping stone towards a full SBE® or as a solution in cases where, for market reasons sales and marketing are best left steered and organised fully locally. The supply chain will become one virtual delivery organisation, but it will supply a multitude of more independent sales and marketing units. Planning, control, internal efficiency are still greatly enhanced.
  • Single Service Entity (SSE): When you find yourself combining Shared Service Centres into one, be it on a regional or global level the internal transparency and efficiency of the SCC may be challenged. A variant of the SBE® specifically aimed at keeping the new SCC transparent and efficient can help lower internal cost and provide better end-user service.
  • Coaching and Training: Over its history Voorne Partners has successfully managed some 50 SBE or SBE related projects. This has left us with quite some knowledge on project management and change management. We've developed practical tools to handle this, the spoon to eat the elephant with so to speak. We can provide coaching and or training of your staff to increase their project management skills or show them the yellow brick road through what is often perceived to be the elusive world of change management.

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