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There are two schools of project management: those who only manage, but with limited knowledge of the business content and those who thoroughly understand the business content and in addition use their project management skills. At Voorne Partners we belong to the latter school. Add to this a no-nonsense style, a clear focus and a strong commitment and the result is a project management that leads, facilitates and enforces success.

The right people

It is not only the intentions at the beginning that are of singular importance. The people involved in the project and the project sponsor to a large extent, determine the success of a project.Whatever templates one might have, it is the people that deliver the final result. Our consultants have managed, or assisted in the management, of many international projects. Some of them have even taken on the operational management role after the implementation. The ultimate experience of design, implementation and management.

Project management methodology

It goes without saying that our consultants are supported by a strong project methodology that contains all the necessary templates and tools. Our Delta Methodology supports the project in a very effective manner. Facilitating templates and tools save valuable time. Time that is needed to allow project management to focus on the specialties of your project and business.

Change Management

Change is one of the few constants in today's world. Organisations must continually react to internal and external developments and successful management of major change is crucial for the entire organisation. A clear sense of direction is essential for productive change management; so too are knowledge and experience.

Voorne Partners assists organisations from the time when change is initiated until it is successfully embedded in day-to-day operations. Our experience ranges from implementing IT systems to complex programmes involving changes to the trading model, processes, people and organisations and to legal and tax structures, as with the Single Business Entity programme. Together with our clients, we have successfully completed many change management programmes in different industries.

On the basis of practical experience, Voorne Partners has developed the Change Power Methodology to support all stages of change management. It begins by identifying the change drivers and change themes, and then focuses on solution design, implementation and assuring internal acceptance of the change. In the last two stages, success demands the involvement of the entire organisation. The Change Power Methodology takes account of and deals with the complexities involved here. It includes a practical tool to manage change in relation to its most important element: the organisation's people, their skills and their culture.

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