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A global foods company recognized that it had a sub-optimal European structure that was basically unchanged from 15 - 20 years back. Its production and sales entities varied from very small to large and IT systems were not harmonised. Change was needed. The company also planned to implement wall-to-wall SAP.

Voorne Partners was asked to define the new trading structure, which became a Single Business Entity (SBE). Our expertise in international trading relations helped in the detailed design of the corporation tax and VAT elements. In addition, many of the Accounting and Control elements had to be redefined to support the new Business Model. We helped to design a Financial Shared Service Centre as part of the organisational model.

Voorne Partners' Project Management expertise supported the implementation and its experience of Change Management delivered detailed planning, transition and cutover procedures. We then helped to organise quality control checks of the business processes and IT systems. The result: an efficient and simple operating platform, ready for the future.