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A subsidiary of a global pharmaceuticals company had to implement an ERP system as part of a global rollout. The result of implementation was that vital primary processes like product delivery and invoicing were interrupted.

Voorne Partners was asked for a fast solution to this serious problem. Key users in all process areas were interviewed and thorough analysis showed that processes and people's knowledge, rather than the system, were causing the bottleneck.

Lack of training and documentation meant that sales orders were being processed as before, while the new ERP system required a different approach. To get the primary processes restarted as soon as possible, workshops were organised and key users were trained in the new processes and the new system logic.

The next step was documenting the new processes. Documentation included process flows, a detailed description per process step, responsibilities and accountabilities per function, and transaction guides. All these documents complied with ISO standards and were published on the intranet.