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Our client, an energy producer present in a number of European countries, was one of the first companies to set up a European energy trading activity (gas and electricity). This is a complex market comprising many competitors and partners (producers, traders, marketers, distributors, grid owners and controllers, energy exchanges and brokers) and it was about to become fully liberalised.

The question to Voorne Partners was how to set up a Business Model and a Trading structure combining maximum control and information with freedom to undertake acquisitions, while ensuring a lean operating platform. The solution had to be fully compliant with US reporting and tax positions.

Using our Process Modelling and Accounting & Controlling skills, we analysed and documented the processes (some new), developed a new European Trading Model and applied Tax Management skills to deliver a complete Blueprint. This served in the implementation of new system structure. Our Change Management skills were used in initiating education on the principles of the changes.