Supply Chain Management

Companies have a number of compelling reasons to look for improvements in their Supply Chain:

•  Ineffective or inefficient processes
To have processes that match with the organisation and its objectives,
 Cost & margin improvement
   To drive cost to a minimum level and increase margin,
 Service level – competitive edge
   To use the supply chain as a leading edge and driver for growth,
 Service level – customer requirements
   To fulfil specific customer requirements in service levels,
 Vertical integration
   To vertically integrate or segregate streams in the value chain,
 Horizontal integration
   To horizontally integrate streams after mergers & acquisitions,
 New product development
   To streamline New Product Development & Introduction,
 Working capital
   To reduce assets and working capital for both cost and growth reasons.

The business world is changing at an ever-faster pace, and many threats and opportunities are present:
Transport cost & opportunities, outsourcing/off-shoring to low-wage countries, use of internet in service offerings, available-to-promise strategies, new ways of working with suppliers and customers, are just a few examples.

What shapes a supply chain?
Does your supply chain meet its objectives? Which parameters are relevant to design your supply chain? Are primarily the customer demands dominant or the product? Is there something like a ‘model’ or ‘ideal’ Supply chain for every organisation? Thus, what shapes a supply chain?
Voorne Partners can help answering these questions. Together with you we will identify where your supply chain meets its objectives and where improvement is needed. An efficient supply chain is essential for any company and can make the difference in today’s markets.


Not only the Supply chain as a process with its supporting tools must be in line, also the organisational appearance of a Supply Chain is essential for achieving the objectives. Does your organisation match your supply chain?
The Voorne Partners Supply Chain Approach
We combine our expertise and experience in the Voorne Partners Supply Chain approach.
Supply Chain management is a holistic subject with a very broad scope. The cause and -effect relations of problems are not always logically linked together. It is our strong believe that in this respect the need for a good and thorough analysis is the basis for a successful approach of Supply Chain projects.
For that reason Voorne Partners prefers to make a Supply Chain X-ray of the company. This is the first of the three steps in our approach.
The ‘Supply Chain’ X-ray
The Supply Chain X-ray is a quick but thorough tool to identify the strength and weakness of your Supply Chain. It also establishes a shared understanding on both the need to improve and the priorities.
Within a concentrated and time limited period a small team from both customer and Voorne Partners will go through the different areas of the Supply Chain X-ray, using as much as possible existing material from the organisation.
This X-ray results in an overview of prioritised improvement areas and a proposal for a way forward.
Analyse and Design
In the step of Analyse and Design, the implementation of an improvement area is further detailed and designed. In a number of clearly defined steps a project or initiative takes shape.
Functional design, Blueprinting and Change Management are examples of these steps.
Together with the customer, we determine the root causes, design the to-be situation and capture this in a Blueprint. It is also very important in this step to create acceptance for improvement.
With cost and benefits clearly visible in a Business Case, the customer controls the shape of the project.
Solid implementation
The last step is the actual implementation and embedding of the solution into your organisation. We implement against agreed roadmap, time and budget.
Here, Voorne Partners demonstrates its value. All our consultants have been there before in their operational responsibilities. They know the pitfalls. They smell the opportunities way ahead.
Voorne Partners works from a professional plan and project structure. We implement in joined effort with the customer the blueprint and provide content expertise and support where needed. We implement solutions based upon (own) practical experience, sensitive for organisation culture and dynamics.  

Voorne Partners implements a solution that works!

VP Project Management
Managing projects is a profession. Voorne Partners has mastered this profession.
Good Project management means: deliver in time within budget an embedded solution.
For Voorne Partners timing and budget are carved in stone. We are structured and rigorous and use PMO best practices. We work in teams with the organisation; know the importance of Change Management and assure continuous feedback and communication to all stakeholders.
Voorne Partners Delivers!